Happy Wet Nose Wednesday!

We love our animals, and if you are looking to add an animal to your family, consider adopting one of hundreds that are up for adoption on the SouthCoast.

Thanks to the help of local shelters, we get the chance to share their stories. This week, we head to Fairhaven Animal Shelter where a bunch of guinea pigs are hoping to find their forever home.

Due to the pandemic, the SouthCoast has become overrun by guinea pigs, and Fairhaven Animal Shelter aims to get as many adopted as possible.

"I would like to say that we are the only shelter that has been overrun with this issue, but every shelter in the area has this problem," said Terry Cripps of Fairhaven Animal Shelter.

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He recently spoke with a Guinea pig rescue in Western Massachusetts who said they usually have about 50 residents. They currently have over 400.

"During the pandemic, many people bought them from pet stores," said Cripps. "Now that people are returning to work, they are surrendering them to shelters. We receive several calls every week from people who don't want them any more."

Not only are guinea pigs adorable, but they also make great starter pets.

They do best with a companion, so adopting two of the same sex is recommended, which will bring joy to your home and help slow the growing problem on the SouthCoast.

Guinea pigs need love, too. Let's find them forever homes.

If a guinea pig sounds like a good fit for you and your family, contact Fairhaven Animal Shelter, like them on Facebook, and schedule a play date today.

Fairhaven Animal Shelter

200 Bridge St, Fairhaven, MA 02719

(508) 979-4028

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