Get ready to sound the horn and release a sea of yellow ducks into Buzzards Bay as the Annual Mass Audubon at Allen's Pond Duck Derby is returning for its 18th year.

On Thursday, August 19, thousands of ducks will be bought and placed into the water for a race like no other. From Buzzards Bay to Allen's Pond, the first duck to cross the finish line while riding the incoming current will be bringing home its owner's choice of five different grand prizes.

According to Mass Audubon, the top prize that's most popular is obviously the $5,000, but the first five finishers can also choose from the other options such as dinner for 10 guests at the Mass Audubon wildlife sanctuary of your choice or perhaps an animal encounter at one of Mass Audubon’s sanctuaries. There's a few more to choose from, but for the most part, it's all about having fun and supporting Mass Audubon's ecological and outreach projects.

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Worried about your duck coming in last? It's actually not that bad of a deal, because there is an incentive and a special honor for the last-place finisher as well, better known as the "Slacker Quacker." Anyone who's interest can sign up their duck name here.

As a bonus, this year will mark the 125th anniversary for Mass Audubon, so be prepared for an all-out event with treats in store for all attendees. Anyone who doesn't want to participate in the race and would rather just watch instead, you'll need to still register to attend. It's $15 per person, but it comes with a staff-guided walk that will take you down the path of the river throughout Westport to the finish line.

Best of luck to all duck racers involved and enjoy the beautiful outdoors after being cooped up for a year. You've earned it.

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