Craigslist is a treasure trove of items you never knew you wanted, and my favorite tab to browse is the “free” tab. It’s a hotbed for used, unwanted items that people are desperately trying to get rid of, but I never thought I would come across an actual hot bed.

Want to catch a fake tan from the comfort of your own home? Grab this used tanning bed that’s currently up for grabs in Westport.

As I casually scrolled through pictures of couches, firewood, and scrap metal, I stopped on something that looked familiar. I had not seen one since junior year of high school, but I recognized it immediately.

A broken-down tanning bed was available to anyone who was willing to go to Westport and grab it.


I have so many questions.

How does one purchase a tanning bed? What steps were taken to get this gigantic piece of metal into a residential home, for the sole purpose of a nice glow that gets you one step closer to skin cancer?

This skin burner was posted 10 days ago and reads, “works, but giving away. I need a 4-prong plug and outlet installed. Was taken apart to move.”

From the looks of the photos, this bed was definitely well used. There is visible damage to some of the bulbs which appear to almost be burned and the glass seems scratched up in some areas.

Was this the actual tanning bed that was used in Final Destination 3? Was someone trying to escape their fiery death? Maybe that’s why it’s free.

No amount of sanitizer could rid the strange bodies that have laid there before me, but if your pale skin is enough to jump on this “hot” offer, it’s ready and waiting for you on Acushnet Avenue.

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