Westport students are going to get a literal parade of teachers this week.

Seriously, how impressive are our local teachers?

During this COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, there are teachers getting online to read to their students every day; my nephew's teacher has been online giving each student mini-lesson plans on FaceTime and now teachers in Westport are actually venturing out to see their students' smiling faces.

According to a recent Facebook post, Westport teachers are missing their kids and doing something about it this week.

The plan is to make parade route through town to drive by as many students' houses as they can and wave and beep at the kids as they go by, while still keep everyone a safe distance apart.

And they are taking local fire trucks along with them.

Completely amazing.

The Westport "teacher parade" is going to happen tomorrow Tuesday, March 24 starting at 8:30 a.m. at Macomber School.

The route then travels the following streets:

Right on Osborn St

Bear left at Arlington Ave

Right onto Route 6

Right at Union St continuing to Grove St

Left at Center St

Left on Forsythia Lane

Left on Fieldstone Drive

Right on Route 177 for 2 miles

Right on Greenfield Rd

Left onto Briar Drive

Right on Spinnaker Way

Left onto Lighthouse Lane

Right onto Route 177 again

Then right on Tickle Rd

Right on Cortney Drive

Right on Davol Ave

Left on Brownell Ave

Left on Cortney Drive and bear left out of development

Left onto Tickle Rd

Cross through intersection to Robert St

Left onto Granada Drive

Then Sawdy Dr with slight left onto Beechwood Drive

Left on Denis Dr

Right on Robert St

Another right back to Route 177 for one mile

Right on Sodom Rd for one mile

Left on Jillian Way

Then slight right onto Shannon Drive

Left on Charlotte White Road

Quick right on Meadowbrook Lane

Left onto Longwood Drive which turns into Fernmarsh Lane

Right onto Charlotte White Road

At intersection right onto Main Road for about 6 miles

Left on Hotel Hill Road

The cross Route 88 onto Drift Road

Take to end and turn left onto Old County Road

Follow to Route 88 and take right onto 88

Another right onto Route 177

Then left onto Gifford Road

Right onto Kyle Jacob Road

Left on Rach's Lane and continue on Francis St

Left on Almada Street

Slight left on Bill Street

Right on Rosalyn Street then take a right at the end and continue back to Macomber School.

Phew, that's a lot of driving!

The whole route should take about an hour and a half, depending on traffic.

And the teachers asking kids to make some signs or other artwork that will cheer on and cheer up the entire school community.

I absolutely love this idea.

This is a great way for everyone to see each other doing well and smiling during some trying times. Some serious kudos to the teachers in Westport for making this happen.

Perhaps more communities can try to organize a "teacher parade" of their own?

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