It is not even noon on the third day of a three-week school closure and you have probably uttered or at least thought these words at least one hundred times so far: "My kid's teacher doesn't get paid enough for this."

If you 100 percent identify with the above, please raise your hand.

Some local teachers have gone above and beyond the call of duty during this very difficult time to provide solid instruction for your kids. Carlos Pacheco Elementary School does daily activities on Facebook Live, from Read-Alouds, writing activities, math puzzles to solve, art lessons, and more. They invite all elementary-aged students to participate.

I know of one teacher who made a slideshow with resources for her kids to use and updates it when she finds new things. She has also committed to recording herself reading a new book to her students each day that the schools are closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. COVID-19 may prevent them from being in the same room together, but Ms. B's students are still close to her heart. She sent a document titled "Ms. Beberman’s Read-Alouds" out to all the families with the following: 

"Hi, Room 207! I missed our read-aloud time too much to skip it! I will record as many books as I can while we are home. Click on the links below to see each video. I’ll send your families a message when I add a new one! Feel free to send me an email with your favorite parts if you watch! Enjoy! Love, Ms. B."

If your child's teacher is like Ms. B and has exceeded expectations during this school closure, tell us about it. Because FUN 107 and ProGroup Contracting are still honoring SouthCoast teachers with the Teacher of the Month Award!

Nominate a teacher just by filling out the SouthCoast Teacher of the Month 2019-2020 form. Let’s show our teachers some love for working so hard for our kids!

SouthCoast Teacher of the Month
SouthCoast Teacher of the Month

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