FUN 107 and ProGroup Contracting are honoring SouthCoast teachers with the Teacher of the Month Award!

Nominate a teacher just by filling out the form below. If your candidate wins, we will surprise them with special gifts to help make their classroom even better! And maybe even a little something special for the kids to celebrate.

Let’s show our teachers some love for working so hard for our kids!

SouthCoast Teacher of the Month
SouthCoast Teacher of the Month

Here are the winners from the 2017 - 2018 school year:

1. February 2018 - Lisa Chenard, a 2nd-grade at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School in New Bedford
2. March 2018 - Sarah Barroso, a 5th-grade teacher at East Fairhaven Elementary School
3. April 2018 - Mrs. Alves, an 8th-grade teacher at James Morton Middle School in Fall River
4. May 2018 - Ms. Nault, a Kindergarten teacher at John William Decas School in  Wareham

Here are the winners from the 2018 - 2019 school year:

1. October 2018 - Mrs. Andrade, a Pre-K teacher at Mary L. Fonseca Elementary School
2. November 2018 - Ms. Flaherty, a high school teacher at Global Learning Charter Public School
3. December 2018 - Mrs. Vincent, an early education teacher at Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School.
4. January 2019 - Mrs. Castelo, a 3rd-grade teacher at East Fairhaven Elementary School.
5. February 2019 - Ms. Zajac, a Kindergarten teacher at Mattapoisett Center School
6. March 2019 - Mr. Doane, a 7th-grade social studies teacher at Dartmouth Middle School
7. April 2019 - Mrs. Lawrence, a 4th-grade teacher at Sgt. William Carney Academy
8. May 2019 - Mrs. Isaksen, a Pre-K teacher at East Freetown Elementary School

Will your child's teacher be next?

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