WESTPORT (WBSM) — As we have followed the saga in recent days of the deceased coyote pup in Westport found with sweatpants tied around its neck, one question has remained.

We now know how the animal was killed, when it was struck by a vehicle.

We now know why the sweatpants were involved, as it was one young lady’s act of empathy in trying to save the dying pup, placing them under its head while waiting for help to arrive.

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However, we were never able to determine how the sweatpants went from being under its head to tied around its neck – until the person who struck the coyote stepped forward on Wednesday.

Dartmouth resident Cooper Hair reached out to us and said he had more information about what happened.

“Unfortunately I was the one who hit the coyote when I was driving my coworker home late at night,” he said. “It had run out in front of my car and I swerved in time to avoid running over it, but the bumper of my car still hit it.”

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Hair said he then turned his vehicle around to check on the animal, and by that point, the young lady who placed the sweatpants under its head was already there, and she had already called the police to notify them that the coyote needed help.

Courtesy Becki McElroy
Courtesy Becki McElroy

He said that after that young lady left, he and his coworker remained behind to wait for the police.

“When the police showed up they (saw) no external injuries on the coyote and it was still alive and breathing and able to move its head around, but wasn’t able to stand up,” Hair said.

“I tried pleading with the officers if there was any way it could be taken to a vet or if we could move it somewhere safe so it was able to recover on its own. They said no and that they would have to put it down," he said.

Hair said that as he and his coworker drove off, they “could hear what appeared to be a gunshot go off.

“I’m assuming the police wrapped the sweatpants around the poor thing’s head after putting it down,” he said.

Becki McElroy, who later saw the animal on the side of Route 177, told WBSM that she did see blood present at the scene and it appeared to be coming from the animal's neck area, covered by the sweatpants.

Courtesy Becki McElroy
Courtesy Becki McElroy

Westport Deputy Police Chief Robert Rebello confirmed to WBSM that the animal had to be put down, and had a definitive explanation as to why the sweatpants were wrapped around its neck.

“The coyote was critically injured and was euthanized by the officer on scene,” he said. “The sweatpants became wrapped around the coyote's neck when another motorist struck the animal which was on the shoulder of the roadway.”

He said the Massachusetts Highway Department was responsible for removing the deceased animal from the roadway as it is a state highway.

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