In Westport, we pride ourselves in tractor-pulls, 4-H clubs, farming, and of course, cows.

Other than the Azores, I've never seen more cows growing up than right here on the SouthCoast in good ol' Westport. Between the Ferry Farm, Milky Way Farm, Tripp's Dairy Farm and Wood's Farm (back in the day), these dairy farms are the backbone of this small town.

Now, all these cows bring forth an opportunity that I'd like to bring to the table of the Westport Fair Committee that I think could really be a hit. Yes, the 2021 Westport Fair is indeed canceled, but some committee members have publicly stated that there might be something in the works for the fall. Whatever it may be, I say bring it on.

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In the meantime, I'd like to discuss the matter of a couple of games that could contribute to whatever the committee is cooking up and they both involve manure: "cow chip tossing" and "cow chip bingo."

These games practically represent what this town is all about and I'm all for it. For those who are unaware of how these games work, well, it's quite simple:

Cow Chip Tossing:

  1. Get yourself a flat, dried up disc-shaped piece of dehydrated cow dung.
  2. Stand behind the throw line.
  3. Toss as far as you can.
  4. Technique is everything (see video below).
  5. The person with the furthest throw wins.

Cow-Chip (or Cow-Pie) Bingo

  1. Find a decent-sized area of grass (not too big).
  2. Spray paint boxes/sections in the shape of a bingo card on the grass.
  3. Release the cows.
  4. Claim your spot.
  5. If the cow does its "business" in your square, you win.

As "redneck" as these games sound, they're actually quite entertaining. The question is, in order to gets these ideas passed by the committee, there needs to be enough interest. I've already taken the liberty of spearheading these events, even if that means collecting the chips myself.

Cast your vote below and if there's enough people who are for these games (one or both), then I'll be happy to make it happen:

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