Over at the Westport Macomber School, there's a physical education teacher like no other.

Terry Pacheco is not only known for her skill set when it comes time for gym class, but for how well she treats and cares for her students. This time of year can be difficult for outdoor activities due to the frigid weather, so Pacheco makes sure she comes prepared to her classroom every day. By the way, her classroom is sometimes outdoors, so if the kids come unprepared, she makes sure they are kept warm with her own supply of hats, mittens, gloves and even shoes if needed.

The clothes that Mrs. Pacheco brings to and from school daily are washed at home so that kids can have what they need to participate in her class outside.

Courtesy Terry Pacheco
Courtesy Terry Pacheco

She’s been teaching in Westport for three years but worked in Fall River for many years before that. Her efforts to not only better her students, but to care for them as if they were her own, is well noticed around the faculty at the Macomber School.

"I just can’t believe how hard she works, how dedicated she is to our students and just the overall love she puts into her teaching," coworker Allison Correia told Fun 107. "She’s literally the most giving person I’ve ever encountered."

Mrs. Pacheco's normal teaching space is normally held in the cafeteria, but because far fewer students are allowed to eat at the same time, lunches go on almost all day and she is forced to host her class outside every day, all day regardless of the weather.

Besides Mrs. Pacheco's Health and Wellness class, she also involves and invites her students to take part in countless kindness challenges and activities such as "plogging" throughout Westport, which is jogging while cleaning up the town. Since the children aren't allowed to leave the property, she encourages her students to "plog" on the school grounds.

There are so many teachers that shape and mold the bright minds of our future and Mrs. Pacheco is a prime example of that. Thank you for all that you do, especially during these challenging times. Your work does not go unnoticed.

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