Westport's Charlie Fellows has created Christmas magic to entertain his six-year-old grandson by taking the Elf on the Shelf trend to a new level. Some might call it over the top and some might call it a masterpiece, but wait until you see what kind of mischief Fellows has managed to create along with the elf.

The 52-year-old Fellows is the father of four children. One of his daughters gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Liam, and Fellows has been close by ever since. Six years later, they are two peas in a pod.

“He’s my right-hand man,” Fellows said.

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Fellows joined in on the Elf on the Shelf last Christmas with a few ideas here and there, but when he saw how much Liam enjoyed the surprises each morning, Fellows kicked it up to 11 and started conspiring with the elf on some plans.

Over the month of December, the ideas have grown larger and larger as Liam wakes up to another act of mischief from the elf. Fellows films his grandson’s reaction every morning, showing just how over the top some of the ideas are.

Like Beach Blanket Bingo, where Fellows and the elf covered his living room in sand and beach toys while mom and dad lounged in their beach chairs.

Or when the elf caught actual fish and put them in a pool on their kitchen floor. Liam got a very special fishing experience with Grandpa thanks to the clever little elf.

Or maybe when December 19 was declared National Liam Day and the elf decorated the entire house to celebrate.

“I try to be completely original and do stuff on my own,” Fellows said. “I’m obsessed about it, but I can’t wait for December 26 when it’s over,” he joked.

Fellows admits he feels an immense amount of pressure to deliver, but when he sees the look on his grandson’s face every morning, it’s the motivation he needs to up the ante each day.

While the Fellows family takes the cake on creativity, they weren’t the only family on the SouthCoast to have a visit from a quirky little elf.

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