Whether you were born and raised from Westport, or simply just know the area, there's a good chance you have never seen the town from this point of view.

Max Cantin is originally from Norton and moved to Westport almost two years ago, where he has found a way to capture the town in a whole new light with the help of his drone.

"I've been into photography since I was a kid, but got into aerial videography/photography within the last few years," Cantin said. "Westport has a lot of natural beauty that can be viewed in a completely different perspective from the sky. I bet a lot of residents never realized how intricate the marshes are on the Westport River, because you would never know unless you were looking down from above."

He's absolutely right. I've spent a good majority of my summers floating up and down the Westport River, but have never seen it like I have through the lens of Cantin's drone camera.

"I’ve had a lot of fun capturing the area’s real estate, wildlife, and landscape for my clients and others to enjoy," Cantin said. "It’s a great area for videography because of the diversity and iconic landmarks."

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Cantin is a licensed FAA Part 107 drone pilot whose next quest is to capture the vast farmlands per request. The only problem is getting the permission from the farmers since it's private property.

Until then, sit back and enjoy the ride over the integrated marshland areas and rivers that flow through the town like veins to the ocean.

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