Imagine diving into your first plate of turkey on Thanksgiving, when an unexpected visitor shows up.

Only in this case, it's not your Aunt Greta or your Uncle Phil—it's a very large coyote. Yeah, that happened a few days ago.

On Thanksgiving, I was sitting down at my parents' kitchen table and was getting ready to enjoy a feast, when this coyote comes walking up the steps and starts staring into the house. Nothing creepy there, right?

It just so happens that my mother has a bad habit of feeding the wildlife, and one of the family cats, Nelson, is both outdoors and indoors. He prefers to be outdoors 80 percent of the time, but for those cold days/nights, he will come inside to warm up and nap. That's the main reason for the random bowl of cat food on my parents' porch for when he's hungry.

The only problem with that is the fact that every animal who comes into their backyard seems to be hungry. The list includes:

  • Squirrels
  • Racoons
  • Neighbor's pets
  • Turkeys
  • Birds
  • Foxs
  • Deer
  • and now... coyotes?!


Since it was Thanksgiving and it was very cold that day, we let him at least finish off the bowl of frozen cat food before opening the door to scare him off. Now, if you know anything about coyotes, you're aware of their skittish behavior and their fear for humans. Well, we opened the door and stepped out on the porch to stomp and hoot and holler, just to be face-to-face with a coyote who didn't even BUDGE.


Red flag alert!

Either the coyote had rabies (which we were positive he was just really hungry and desperate for anything), or he was just unamused by us being there. It was a sight to see. Thank goodness I captured it on film. See for yourself!

Eventually, the coyote ended up stealing the bowl and took off with it somewhere in the wood line. I guess that's the price you pay, MOM, for feeding the wildlife! Have you learned nothing from Ranger Rick?


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