One Westport boy's love for Pokémon cards has turned into a sweet, feel-good story.

Eight-year-old Ayden Eddy is no stranger to helping out those who are less fortunate or could use a lending hand, thanks to his parents. His mother, Shana Eddy, runs a non-profit called Team Shai that Ayden has helped out with from time to time, learning the value of helping others.

"We always do the Boston Children's Hospital toy drive every year and Ayden loves helping out with that," Eddy said. "We are always encouraging him to donate and help out whenever he can."

Over the weekend, Ayden bought some Pokémon card packs with his mother, who said he has a lot of them.

"We were sitting in the living room when he said he wanted to make some packs for kids who would want them," Eddy said.

Eddy then took to her social media and posted her son's idea up in a "free stuff" group on Facebook to see if there was any interest, completely unaware of the attention it was about to bring.

Posted by Shana Depontes Eddy
Courtesy Shana Depontes Eddy

"I really wasn't expecting the overwhelming response the next morning after posting, so last night he wanted to give everyone who were asking for some a pack and put six cards in a bag to give to local kids who were asking," she said.

Adyen has been collecting Pokémon cards for a few years and his favorite character is Blastoise, a giant water cannon-shooting tortoise, because he really likes turtles.

"I have lots of Pokémon cards and when I realized that I had a little too much, I thought to myself, what can I do with these cards?" Ayden said. "Some kids can't afford them or don't have any so I wanted to help those kids out."

Ayden's overall goal is simple: to just make kids happy and to continue to give back to those who don't have much.

"It's amazing," Eddy said. "To be able to be a kid and put this together himself is incredible and validates me as his mom. He really is the most caring and sweetest boy who has a big heart and is always reaching out to the kids at his school who are sitting alone."

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