My roots will forever keep me a Westporter and that's something I'll never take for granted. Growing up in the 02790 was simple and nostalgic. Just catching a whiff of manure when the car windows are down is welcoming.

Towns here on the SouthCoast such as Dartmouth, Freetown, etc. have some of the best scenic roads in the area, but nothing can compare to the backroads of Westport. Driving around on a warm sunny Sunday in the summertime can feel like a slice of heaven in the right light.

Have you ever caught the sunset at the top of "Potato Hill" on Hixbridge Road before it dips down below the trees? It's a sight to see for sure. How about the miles of fall foliage as you're heading south on Route 88 heading towards the ocean? You might as well consider yourself somewhere in New Hampshire (minus the altitude difference and the flatlands), it's that beautiful.

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Stress consumes us all on the daily and there are days when you just need to get out for a bit to clear your head. What better solution than with a drive through the gorgeous and winding countryside of Westport? If roaming cows in pastures and oceanview roadways are more your style, then take a look at the list below. I have compiled some of the best scenic drives and roadways Westport has to offer.

These are the roads I grew up driving on, they never disappoint.

13 Backroads of Westport, Massachusetts You Must Drive on a Sunny Day

Take a drive down these gorgeous backroads of Westport, Massachusetts that overlook pastures, farms and the ocean to better enhance the scenic ride.

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