A Tiverton, Rhode Island animal sanctuary is in the running for the third annual "Defender Service Awards" by Land Rover USA.

West Place Animal Sanctuary is the only New England non-profit finalist in the Honoree Category, and the sanctuary needs the community's help to bring home the top prize: A customized Land Rover Defender 130.

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Land Rover's "Defender Service Awards"

Land Rover USA established the awards to recognize and support the work of US and Canadian registered non-profits in several categories. For the first time, they have added the Honoree Category to give finalists another chance to win that brand-new Rover.

"(This is) for previous finalists who didn't win their category," said Land Rover. "You truly were deserving then, so we’re giving you a second opportunity to win a customized Defender."

Charlotte Blank, the US Chief Marketing Officer for Jaguar Land Rover North America, said, "Through their compassionate acts of service and integrity, it is with great honor that we recognize these organization that embody the heroism of Defender. The Defender ethos is centered around achieving the impossible with a focus on giving back, and these organizations are nothing short of that."

Help West Place Animal Sanctuary Win

Founded in 2007, West Place Animal Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides lifesaving care, love, and a permanent home to farm animals rescued from cases of abuse, neglect, and cruelty. It is a licensed wildlife rehabilitation center that assists sick, injured, and orphaned animals, and releases healthy wildlife back into their natural habitats.

The Honoree Award by Land Rover allows West Place one more shot at winning a vehicle that would help their mission tremendously.

Wendy Taylor, the Executive Director of West Place, shared how the sanctuary's efforts of serving farm animals and wildlife as an official partner of the ASPCA has led to transportation issues.

"We’ve been needed in areas where there are no roads and have had to rely on personal vehicles to rescue and transport large animals to the sanctuary and veterinary hospitals," she said. "Winning a Land Rover Defender would give us the capability to navigate further, the capacity to expand our reach and the spirit to achieve more."

How to Help West Place

People can vote online until Wednesday, October 4th to determine the ultimate winners of the six categories of the 2023 Defender Service Awards.

“We are so excited to have another chance to win a customized Land Rover Defender to support our mission,” said Taylor.

Let's up an organization that selflessly helps our local animals every single day.

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