At Longplex Family & Sports Center in Tiverton, Rhode Island, the spirit of youth football thrives.

This year, the Dartmouth Ravens, led by dedicated coaches Chris Resendes, Jeremy Gata and Ben Carvalho, achieved an extraordinary feat: They emerged victorious in the championship game against the New England Patriots, securing an undefeated season with an impressive 11-0 record.

The trio of coaches brings unique qualities to the team.

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Resendes, affectionately known as "The Screamer," has been coaching for five years, with multiple Super Bowl appearances under his belt. However, this victory marked his first championship win.

Resendes deflects personal accolades, emphasizing the importance of the kids' experience above all else.

"In life, that good feeling you get every so often, our job as coaches is to get those kids that feeling," Resendes said. "It’s not about trophies or ribbons. At the end of the day, it’s about the kids."

His coaching philosophy centers on instilling discipline, striving for perfection and encouraging camaraderie among the players.

Joining Resendes is Jeremy Gata, dubbed "Analytical Guy," and Ben Carvalho, known as the "Rah-Rah" guy for his infectious enthusiasm. Together, they create a dynamic coaching trio focused not just on winning games but on turning young athletes into well-rounded humans.

The Dartmouth Ravens primarily consist of Dartmouth Pop Warner kids, with one exception from New Bedford. Aiden Blevines, Hunter Carvalho, Vaughn Gata, Nolan Hayes, Cayden Pereira, Austin Rebello, Braylon Resendes and Cole Smith exemplify the team's hard work and perseverance.

Each player brought a unique set of skills to the field this year, contributing to the Ravens' unstoppable momentum.

The Ravens are gearing up for another season, with a focus on player development. Resendes is already strategizing for the transition to Dartmouth High School football under Coach Richie White.

"We’re building him a solid team with some special talent that can catch multiple routes," Resendes said. "These kids are doing stuff that kids aren’t even doing in high school. In five years, it’s gonna be something special."

Courteous Janessa Resendes
Courteous Janessa Resendes

The Dartmouth Ravens' triumph extends beyond the scoreboard. It's a testament to the power of mentorship, teamwork and unwavering dedication to the growth of young athletes.

As they continue their journey, the Ravens serve as beacons of inspiration for youth football programs everywhere, reminding us that success is not just measured in wins and losses, but by the way we affect others' lives.

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