I think we can all agree that regardless of what you call them, sprinkles / jimmies are the best way to top an ice cream but we set out to end the debate about what to call them. 

I know 'jimmies' is a very SouthCoast thing. If you order jimmies in any other part of the country, people have no clue what you're talking about. Or even worse or more embarrassing think you're saying something dirty. So we decided to ask our Facebook community what they call the little things we put on ice cream and got some interesting answers.

While almost everyone agreed that we use the term jimmies, it seems we go even deeper by ordering jimmies when we want chocolate jimmies, and saying sprinkles when we want rainbow sprinkles. In trying to write this post, I was racking my brain of every interaction I've ever had ordering ice cream (which is probably in the thousands) and trying to remember if I differentiate. And I definitately do

I obviously am not the only one.

BUT. Then we threw a wrench into the whole thing...

This literally goes against everything we are all saying and have determined it is sorcery. Regardless. We looooove them both.