It was after 5 pm when the doorbell rang. I wasn't expecting anyone but figured it could be the Amazon delivery driver with another precious package. It wasn't.

Instead, I was met at the door with two teenage girls from Dartmouth High School who excitedly informed me that they were there to flock my house. I had to take a second to understand what they just said, but when I saw the pink lawn flamingo, it all became a little clearer.

Dartmouth High School's class of 2022 is running a fundraiser to offset the costs of their senior week and all of the events throughout the final year. If you've been "flocked," that means that someone you know paid the juniors to place 10, 20, or 30 plastic flamingos in your yard all in the name of fun. When the students come to set up the display, they give you a piece of paper that explains everything.

"These flamingos will roost in your yard for two days when they will mysteriously migrate to another friend's (victim's) yard."

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Contributed Photo
Contributed Photo

My little sister, who also happens to be a junior at Dartmouth High, decided to send a flock to our own house in order to surprise our nephew the next time he visits. I can't wait to see the look on his face when he comes over tomorrow and sees these bright pink darlings gracing our lawn.

The four class officers came together to make this happen for the juniors; Charlie Fairfax, Emma Tetrault, Katherine Charrier, and Molly Riox. If you're interested in sending a flock to a friend or family member in Dartmouth, New Bedford, or Westport, please contact one of the class advisors via email. This will be available for as long as the students are able to continue fulfilling orders.

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