In 2019, the Jonas Brothers decided to reunite and make some music. The world agreed it was their time and they officially had a successful comeback with a few No. 1 hits.

My guess is the boys know when they have a good thing going and are not planning to slow down anytime soon. They dropped more new music on us right at the beginning of the year and it's getting rave reviews.

Before we get into the new music, in case you haven't seen the boys channel their inner Kardashian, here is the post from Joe Jonas's Instagram:

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Don’t be Rude!

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After watching the music video for their latest track, "What a Man Gotta Do," I got lots of Tom Cruise and Grease vibes. It's super fun. Plus we get to see Nick Jonas with no pants on. If you want to see that and hear the new song, here you go: 

Such a fun music video. I have watched it a few times now. All the boys look so good and that legendary Tom Cruise move is just so epic. Anyhow, I'm done swooning over Nick. What do you guys think of the new JoBros song? Wicked good? Totally whack? Vote now and get it added to the Fun 107 playlist.

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