Watuppa Pond in Westport was the place to be on Sunday as friends and families took their pontoons to the water for Watuppa Palooza 2021. Christian DaSilva, Westport resident and Watuppa Palooza coordinator, shared his favorite moments from this year’s event.

For the past four years, pontoon owners along Watuppa Pond leave their docks behind and float away the day for their own version of Aquapalooza.

“This is a pond tradition resurrected,” explained DaSilva, also known as "Captain Seaweed" by his fellow boaters. “Chuck Boulous set up a Facebook page, which has turned into a community page. Karen Trainer helps get the word out.”

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Westport residents form a parade of pontoons every summer, and it’s becoming a very popular tradition. Every year gets its own theme, and this year was the electric light parade. Pontoon owners were tasked with decking out their boats for the occasion as onlookers enjoyed the parade of decorated pontoons floating down the pond.

DaSilva said there were about 20 boats in attendance this year.

“This is something I’m very passionate about,” he said. "For my children, grandchildren, it’s kind of my legacy to keep this going for generations to come.”

It’s safe to say that the town of Westport and other participants have grown very fond of the artistic display of Watuppa Palooza. Where the popular Aquapalooza attracts hundreds of boaters, Watuppa Palooza offers a safer and more relaxed day of celebration, with onlookers trying to grab the best pictures as they decide on their favorite design of the season.

DaSilva is looking forward to Watuppa Palooza V next summer, and even offered to have the Fun 107 crew aboard. While we wait for the announcement of Watuppa Palooza V, enjoy these festive pontoons from Sunday.

Check Out These Decked Out Pontoons from Westport's Watuppa Palooza

Pontoons take over Watuppa Pond every year for Westport's version of Aquapalooza, and this year, they came out in full force. Around 20 decorated pontoons participated this year, each offering their own theme.

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