After pulling off a blowout win yesterday in Foxboro, the Patriots are heading to their eighth straight AFC Championship Game on Sunday. Here's video of the postgame locker room celebration.

It was virtually business as usual after yesterday's playoff blowout in Foxboro. Tom Brady gave his weekly kiss on the cheek to Robert Kraft, and Coach Bill Belichick gave his team about 40 seconds to bask in the glow of the playoff win, before turning the page to warn them about how the competition is going to ramp up even further next weekend.

Compare this scene to what took place last night in New Orleans, where they wheeled in fog machines and disco lights to celebrate their Divisional win over the Eagles.

The Saints even seemed to be mocking the Eagles by playing Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill during their celebration.

Meanwhile, on Route 1 in Foxboro, it was more like the end to a successful board meeting. Business as usual, everyone getting ready to go home, get a good night's sleep and show up for work Monday morning.

I suppose the way guys like Tom Brady see it, there will be plenty of opportunity to sing and dance if they win their sixth Super Bowl. The Patriots do it on duck boats, not after a Divisional round game.

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