A new possible Facebook scam is coming around once again. Almost every account on the social media site is being cloned and/or hacked. They don’t need your password or much of anything to do this, either.

If they get a hold of your account information and make an account that looks exactly like yours, these scammers will send a friend request as you to your friends to get them to add them back, or they can just straight up hack your account altogether and send scam messages to your friends, continuing the cycle. This can give them the power to pretend to be you, at the least, or even do more sinister things like take financial information and use it how they please.

All three of the Michael Rock Show hosts had received the same message last night at the exact same time from one of their mutual friends. It’s recommended that you change your Facebook password, like you usually would in these types of situations, but also logout of all other devices. This makes sure that even if you’ve changed your password, somebody isn’t still logged in as you and still has access to your account.

Ultimately, to avoid being attacked the hardest, do not put any of your personal and financial information on your Facebook. They can’t steal what you don’t put on your account.

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