There have been plenty of shark sighting across the area this season and the shark watchers are catching all kinds of things on video.

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy recently posted a video they made of a shark devouring a seal.

It's not a video for those with very weak stomachs, but you can watch from above the water and below as a shark shreds it's meal and eats it up.

I like the fact that they put such happy music behind the video that basically shows the shark thrashing it's meal to pieces.

The seal has clearly seen better days.

The shark snacking was captured off Monomony last week and edited together by the researchers at the Conservancy.

Further proof that even though we may be thinking of summer as over, the sharks are still out there in the warm waters across the SouthCoast.

So if you do try to sneak in an extra beach day or two this month, make sure you are keeping your eyes peeled for fins and things, cause the sharks are definitely still around.

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