The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy were off Nauset Beach yesterday getting video footage of the sharks.

It certainly has been the summer of the White Shark on the Cape this summer. With dozens of sightings happening almost weekly, the abundance of sharks caused Orleans' Harbormaster to release a strong warning for beachgoers over the holiday weekend. In a post yesterday, the AWSC showed a shark swimming not far off the coast of Nauset Beach.

And just because the heat wave is breaking and the tourists have gone home, it doesn't mean the sharks have left. With the warm weather sticking around, it means that there are still lots of people flocking to the beaches to stay cool. Aerial footage from the AWSC show just how close to shore the sharks actually come. Remember - they follow the seals. The closer to the beach the seals are, the closer the sharks will also be.

Atlantic White Shark Conservancy | Wayne Davis
Atlantic White Shark Conservancy | Wayne Davis

Officials remind people that September and October are still strong months for the sharks. They will continue hunting in the water as long as their food supply is there. They also remind people that many of the beaches that had lifeguards during the busy season won't have them now. They urge people to swim far away from any seals that may be on the beach or in the water and to be extra vigilant if swimming on the East facing Cape beaches.

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