The winter warm up this weekend set record highs all across New England, but how much longer will it last?

Plenty of people took advantage of the unseasonably warm weekend on the SouthCoast.

I know I got out on some local nature trails with my girls on Saturday, because who knows when it will warm up like this again?

It probably won't actually warm up like it did this weekend in January for an extremely long time since the temperatures we saw broke the record high previously set about 50 years ago.

So how warm did it get?

The National Weather Service reports New Bedford hit 61, Plymouth and Taunton peaked at 62, Providence reached 65 and Boston made it all the way to 70. Even Martha's Vineyard was at 57 degrees in January. That is warm for winter.

And Sunday is expected to break some more January records for this date, with temperatures likely in the lower to mid 60s again.

But how long will all this last?

Not very long.

The rain is going to bring much colder weather back our way with a major temperature drop overnight.

By the time you wake up tomorrow it will probably be about 40 degrees colder than the warmest part of the weekend. Crazy!

And with all the rain around for Sunday, that could make for some black ice slippery spots come commute time on Monday.

At least by Monday all of the high winds will have died down, giving us a calmer yet cooler start to the week.

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