For as long as I've been living on the SouthCoast, Wareham has been known as "The Gateway to Cape Cod. "Wareham has been the proud home of the Cape Cod league's Wareham Gatemen, and the Gateway Tavern on Route 6, but there's a change coming.

According to an article in the Cape Cod Times, the town's administrator thinks that the slogan is a slight on Wareham.

"It’s way past time people realize Wareham is more than just a gateway,” Town Administrator Derek Sullivan said in a statement. “This is a community on the rise, and between our 50-plus miles of shoreline, hiking trails, boating and fishing opportunities, pro-business mindset, and deep sense of community, we want folks to know Wareham has everything our neighbors across the bridge have – just with less traffic and lower costs.”

Honestly, I've never thought too much about the slogan as a slight against the town. I guess I can understand someone feeling that way if you are looking at the slogan critically and pick it apart.

But you could probably do that with the new slogan, too. If you're picking it apart word-by-word, "It's Better Before the Bridges" could be perceived as a negative attack on the Cape.

If the movement in Wareham is going to be away from the Gateway branding, what does that mean for Wareham's baseball team? What do you do if you're the owner of the Gateway Tavern? What will they do with the iconic lighthouse monument in front of the Wareham Police Department?

While we're talking about it, I have a couple of slogan suggestions. How about "We're Wareham, Not Ware-umm." Maybe "Wareham, Home of the Warehamburg."

What do you think of Wareham's new slogan?

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