If you are a puppy lover, you'd better stop reading this article immediately. We warned you. If you continue to read you will have an insatiable urge to adopt this baby French Bulldog, and odds are you won't be able to make those dreams come true.

The Wareham Department of Natural Resources is looking for more information about a female French Bulldog found in a box along the wooded hiking foot trail near Station Street and Decas School. 

On Monday, July 8, as temperatures soared over 90 degrees, Wareham Natural Resources dropped off a 7-week-old puppy at Wareham Fire Department Station 1 after finding the puppy inside a box with a cloth-wrapped ice pack, spare wet food and a note left on the lid. 

The note identified the puppy as a female French Bulldog, listing her age as 7 weeks.  The note stated that she had been dewormed and pleaded, “Please save her."

The town is reassuring the public that despite the oppressive heat, the puppy was not in any distress. 


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The Frenchie was immediately transported to a veterinary clinic where a thorough health check was completed. The town is working to resolve any other health issues and figure out where the puppy came from. 

The puppy is not yet up for adoption or fostering as the department gathers more information about the incident.

Wareham Animal Control can be reached at 508-291-3100 (ext. 3183) or  dnr@wareham.ma.us. The public can also call the Wareham Police Department anonymous tip line at 508-291-2300 to report more information regarding this mystery. 

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