Most of us living on the Southcoast have never heard of Factory Five in Wareham, but hot rod enthusiasts all over the globe have. I learned of it while watching one of those TV  "car" shows.

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Factory Five is the world's largest manufacturer of "build it yourself" car kits. According to their website, the company employs 40 full-time workers and is located on Tow Road in Wareham. Their eight different kits vary from classic hot rod types to exotic modern-day sports cars. They are all billed as high performance vehicles. many of the cars are very authentic replicas of the ones most of us could never afford to own.

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However, a Factory Five kit would cost you many thousands less. As a matter of fact, their MK4 Roadster (above), which looks like the legendary 427 Cobra, is the best-selling replica ever produced.

Factory Five Facebook Page

The car company has been in business since 1995 and was started in a small garage in Wareham. They are often featured in the leading automotive publications.