These days, you can get the time almost anywhere. If you're not wearing an Apple Watch, chances are you have the time readily available in the palm of your hand at the top of your phone.

That's why it was amusing this week when the topic of the clock at Wareham's Eastern Bank popped up on a local Facebook group. The clock has been displaying the wrong time for nearly a month. Eastern Bank's clock displays a time that is roughly one hour ahead of the correct time. In fact, the clock is one hour and seven minutes fast, or 1:07 (a clear nod to Wareham's favorite radio station).

One might be able to understand that it's hard enough to turn the clocks back on your car radio, never mind how complicated it must be to adjust a clock like this one.

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Contrary to popular belief, however, the trouble with the clock didn't start with the time change. According to tellers at the Wareham bank, the clock has been incorrect since that Nor'easter roared through the SouthCoast on October 27.

A tech was contacted to come to the bank to make an adjustment on the prominent downtown clock. However, the bank has been waiting for nearly a month, and the tech isn't expected to show up much sooner than Christmas.

Eastern Bank should take it as a compliment that people care this much about their clock. In the fast-paced world we live in these days, the fact that a town like Wareham can appreciate the nostalgia of the clock is heartwarming.

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