If you have kids who are at that "climbing" age, your safety pool ladder might really not be that safe. 

An Attleboro couple caught video of their 2-year-old scaling the safety pool ladder and realized that it could have been an accidental tragedy, despite their extreme vigilance.

Before the video was filmed, the couple had pulled Cody off the safety ladder as he attempted to climb towards the pool. When they realized how easy it was for him to scale the bars that are meant to cover the steps on the ladder, they felt they needed to video him doing it again to show other parents, and the ladder manufacturers, just how easy it is for little ones to make their way up and into the pool.

Even if you have all safety measures in place around your pools, this video goes to show that even small distractions can take parents' eyes off their kids and in just 30 seconds, the unthinkable could happen.

The Wymans are hoping that the video sparks some change with the designs of the ladders to make them safer.


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