Mary Towers is the Executive Chef at Sakonnet Golf Club. She has been interested in cooking for as long as she can remember, and there's always been one hot button for her when the holidays roll around, particularly Easter.

"I can't stand it when I see grocery stores displaying fresh pineapples for sale right next to the hams," says Towers. "I always picture some poor mom working her tail off in the kitchen for hours, placing on the fresh pineapple with love, not knowing she is completely ruining her dinner."

She called the Rock and Fox Show to give a warning to families that plan on baking a ham for Easter. She warned to steer clear of baking your ham with fresh pineapple.

"It's basic food chemistry," says Towers. "It's something we learned in our first semester at Johnson and Wales." Towers says there's no problem with using canned pineapple, it's just fresh pineapple that poses a problem.

Towers makes a point of publicizing her information before major holidays as part of her "pineapple crusade." She's especially concerned with getting the word out before Christmas and Easter when holiday hams tend to be the most popular.

Towers tells Fun 107 that she's repeatedly sounded the alarm to local supermarket managers, but they don't seem to pay much attention to her warnings.

Watch the video above as Mary demonstrates what happens when fresh pineapple is used on baked ham. It wasn't pretty.

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