I'm triggered.

Okay, I get it guys. Vegans don't like meat. They don't want to eat meat because they want to protect against animal cruelty. I get all of it. When you really break it down, yes it's terrible that we slaughter all these animals so we can have dinner. I totally hear you, and I understand that. I'm still not going vegan, but I can understand and see the point.

What I don't understand is how the phrase "Bringing home the bacon" is normalizing animal abuse. I don't like bacon because someone told me they were bringing home the bacon. I like bacon because it's the most delightfully delicious thing God has bestowed upon us.

According to The Conversation, veganism may alter our language and literature. There's no doubt there are more and more people going vegan, but really? Really?! Is this really that serious. I mean, come on, this is too much. It's too much!!

I've tried to be sensitive to all of the sensitivities that are popping up in society recently, but this one has gone too far. I'm going to say "bringing home the bacon" to everything now, just in pure spite of how silly it is.

"Hey B Mo, your dog is cute!"

"Thanks! He's just trying to bring home the bacon!"

"Excuse me sir, what time is it?"

"2:48, aka time to go bring home the bacon!"

I'm flying off the rails here, but come on. Anything but bacon. ANYTHING. BUT. BACON.

Do not attack my beloved bacon.

That is all.

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