What may look like a typical suburban home on the outside has a storybook village sprawling through the basement that words cannot describe.

I'm sure telling you that this three-bedroom, three-bathroom home at 115 West Street in Brockton has a mini village in it's basement brings a lot of things to mind, I'm also pretty sure nothing you imagine is quite what you get in reality.

It's a basement so unusual Vincente Realty doesn't even mention it in the description, but I'll bet most people are most curious about how this $699,900 home wound up with a storybook village inside.

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Seems the quirky basement features were there when the current sellers moved in and they never made any changes to it. The "Basement Castle in Brockton" last changed hands in September 2020, so maybe the creative cellar was a quarantine work of art.

It does appear to be artwork too.

There's mountain range murals on the walls, mini balconies around the basement windows, a candelabra over the working fireplace and a stone wall that is also a koi pond. Not to mention the full bar, ensuring any party held here is unique.

Clearly this basement might not be for everyone, but it isn't a reflection of the entire house either.

Upstairs you have modern updates in the kitchen like granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, three large bedrooms and a massive, sunk-in living room with a fireplace of its own.

You seem to get a modern main floor and bold basement all in one. So which level are you liking more?

See Inside the Basement Castle For Sale in Brockton

What looks like a typical suburban home on the outside actually houses a storyland fit for a medieval king on the inside. It is one Brockton home that literally has to be seen to be believed. So take a peak inside for yourself.

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