Fairhaven Jesus resurfaced a few months ago after not being heard from or seen for quite some time. We know that he’s been known to split time between Fairhaven and Fort Myers, Florida, but a photo has popped up from quite a while ago of Jesus walking the streets of a different Massachusetts location.

Could Fairhaven Jesus also have once been Brockton Jesus?

The website Weird Google Earth is always fun to check and see some of the latest strange catches from Google Street View. Back in August 2023, someone posted a photo of Jesus walking the streets of Brockton, Massachusetts, although the photo itself came from a 2008 Street View image.

Google Maps
Google Maps

In the photo, “Jesus” is seen dressed in a white robe and sandals, wearing a crown of thorns and with long hair – not unlike the way Malvin “Mel” Larsen, the man who portrays Fairhaven Jesus, is often seen dressed. He’s also carrying a similar staff to the one Larsen carries.

Google Maps
Google Maps

However, Larsen first appeared in Fairhaven dressed as Jesus in 2014, and in an interview that year on WBSM, stated he had “saved thousands of people in three years.” So assuming that meant Larsen started preaching the gospel while dressed as Jesus in 2011, that means he couldn’t be Brockton Jesus, too, right?

An interesting side note: there was a Hanover man who once performed what he called “street theater” in Brockton, and he once filmed a video in which he was portraying Jesus being whipped by two men in Brockton’s Westgate Mall.

John J.F. Mercuato portrayed Jesus in that video entitled “The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ in Brockton, Massachusetts” in June 2009, so perhaps he could have been doing a test run as Jesus back in 2008?

Although his version of Jesus in the video – which has been removed from YouTube – was wearing black shorts, black boots and white tube socks, according to the Brockton Enterprise.

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So who was this mysterious Brockton Jesus? There doesn’t seem to be any indication online. However, with all the recent controversy surrounding Brockton High School and the school committee’s request to send in the National Guard, lord knows the City of Champions can use all the help it can get.

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