It's been 4 years since the SouthCoast last caught a glimpse of Fairhaven Jesus.

The date was July 30th, 2019 when 'Fairhaven Jesus' (as the locals call him) last appeared on the SouthCoast. His endless plight to spread the good religious word never ceases to amaze me, and after going missing for quite some time, he was recently spotted on the streets of Plymouth.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the 4th coming of Jesus is upon us and his name is Malvin "Mel" Larsen.

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His return from his Fort Meyers home in Florida is as spontaneous and unexpected as it gets. On September 21st, Larsen was spotted down by the Cape Cod Canal in Bourne, standing by the waterfront. Linda Maye, a local on the Cape, captured a rare and very random photo that clearly shows Larsen in full dress and robe and equipped with the staff he takes everywhere.

It's uncertain as to where Larsen has been, where he's going, or his plans for the Cape (other than spreading the good word), but what we do know is that he's back from Florida and already making his rounds.

The last time I ran into the infamous "Fairhaven Jesus" was back in July 2019 on Route 6 in front of Delken laundromat. It was 90 degrees and he was sweating profusely through his robe, but it didn't stop him from spreading the love.

At least it's a lot cooler this time of year. He normally spends the colder seasons down south, so to spot him in October is a rare sight. Is this a sign? Or just a man with a plan? I'll leave the speculation to the believers.

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