The Third Coming of Fairhaven Jesus is upon us.

Somewhere along the line between now and four years ago, the Fairhaven Jesus craze became an actual "thing" that people talked about. I mean, sure, here's a man walking up and down Huttleston Avenue, waving at passing cars and spreading the good word.

Yeah, I get it.

He's become somewhat of a local celebrity in this neck of the woods and whenever he's spotted for the first time each year, social media begins to blow up with blurry candid photos as people attempt to drive and photograph simultaneously. SnapChat becomes a breeding ground of people recording themselves yelling "JESSUUSSSS!" from their vehicle window.

However, Facebook and Twitter were quiet last year.

Fairhaven Jesus was nowhere to be found, and it seems as though the buzz around town was more of a concern for his well being and location. "I wonder where Fairhaven Jesus is?" my friends would post on Facebook.

It turns out that the answer is quite simple: Fairhaven Jesus was home. No, not here in Fairhaven, but in fact back down south in Fort Meyers, Florida. He tells Fun 107 that since he began his religious journey nine years ago (four right here in Fairhaven) that he had only missed one year–last year–here on the SouthCoast.

The temperature when we met up with him was bordering the 90-degree mark and although his robes were heavy and thick, it was not going to slow down his journey to spread the good word.

#Fairhaven Jesus


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