There hasn't been a time I have dropped into a 7-Eleven and haven't seen someone filling up at the Slurpee machine. Yes, even in the dead of winter, I have seen people getting their Slurpee fill.

I get it. Those Slurpees are so good. You could say they are addictive. And it looks like 7-Eleven is looking to tap into those that find themselves addicted to the Slurpee.

They recently just gave the ultimate Slurpee drinker or Big Gulp customers the best holiday gift ever. Starting today at noon, for one day only, you can purchase a limited-edition cup of either a 20-oz Slurpee cup or a 30-oz Big Gulp, both of which are stainless steel tumblers that have a unique design on them and come with a collector's box.

These cups will run you $129. I know what you are thinking, that's one expensive cup! Not really, when you consider that you can fill them up every day with your favorite beverage. I did the math. That's about 35 cents every fill-up. For those that drop into 7-Eleven for a Big Gulp a least a couple of times a week, this will mean big savings.

Maybe you have someone you have to shop for still for the holiday. This would make a great gift for the Slurpee lover in your family. You can only get these "unlimited" cups online, however. Hurry, though – only fifty of each design will be sold and I have a feeling these will go very fast.

If you want to see all the stipulations, check out the full press release.

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