It's always a gloomy day when I have to call it quits on a project to which I become deeply integrated and attached.

After a couple of weeks of none-stop investigating and searching around, I've sadly come to a dead end. There are simply no further answers to be offered and there's nowhere else to look in the mystery of "Lady J Smile."

Whoever this "Lady J" person is, it must have been some sworn secret from the public, as ironic as that sounds, as I have scoured the entire town in search of you or your alias or even a sign (pun unintended). I just want something to give relief to the many burning questions that have settled heavily within my brain.

To think that I was so close, just to find out that someone is taking down the evidence one sign at a time, making it nearly impossible to continue my investigation.

It turns out that the "If you could, would you save a life?" signs had absolutely nothing to do with the heart-shaped messages and were intended for a whole other story, about which all I can say should remain buried to protect all parties involved.

Gazelle/Townsquare Media
Gazelle/Townsquare Media

One by one, the random signs that were scattered throughout the town of Westport are disappearing and so is my interest in the project.

If the story behind these signs was meant to be told, then the truth would have been discovered by now. Unfortunately, that's not the case this time, after investing too much work into it, I'm forcing myself to hang up my hat – at least for now.

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