Only in Westport will you come across two spiders battling it out on your front porch.

Just around 4 p.m. on Tuesday, I pulled into my driveway, parked and made my way to the front door.

Now, don't ask me how I was able to catch sight of this, never mind on video. Perhaps the new LASIK eye surgery played a role here, but I stumbled upon a couple Daddy Long Legs spiders (also known as Pholcidae or cellar spiders) going at it aggressively.

At first I just assumed they were "mating" and I still could be very wrong about all of this, but after a closer look, I noticed that they were fang to fang throughout their grapple match, pushing and shoving each other across the wooden deck on the front porch.

Again, I am no expert on spiders or anything insect-related for that matter, but what I do know is that something was definitely happening between the arachnids that I have never witnessed before and had to capture it on video.

I took out my phone as quick as I could and began videoing the brawl on my SnapChat.

After about a solid minute, the two spiders who were hanging on for dear life each time they approached the ledge of the porch eventually lost grip and fell a couple of feet to the grass below. This is right where I lost sight of them.

Perhaps this is normal among spiders, but one thing is for sure, I have never seen anything so aggressive between two spiders. It's the beauty of nature such as this that would make National Geographic proud.

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