As sad as the truth may be, an estimated 22 Veterans give their life on a daily basis.

To help raise awareness about this epidemic Josh Milich and Brian Tjersland have decided to take on the challenge of running about 500 miles. The two of them met through the Junk Miles Trail runners group and shared an interest in wanting to run for more than a medal. Milich and Tjersland are working with Mission 22 to complete their goal and are accepting donations towards raising awareness.

I have personally been apart of this cause for the past 4 years in our local New Bedford Chapter along side my good friends (and brothers from another mother) Jared Lucas and Donnie Williams, both New Bedford Police Officers. Together they have helped grow this program substantially to get the word out that it is "OK, to not be OK"- we are here for those who are suffering in silence.

The journey that Milich and Tjersland are prepping for stands for so much more than a 500-mile run.

Their starting point will be out of the Massachusetts National Cemetery in Bourne, Massachusetts on November 11th 2019 and they will end at the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. The run will take roughly 10-14 days at about 40-50 miles per day to complete. To learn more about Josh and Brian's Journey or to Donate you can visit their Facebook 500 Miles to End Veteran Suicide.

If you'd like to support the cause and help end the war on PTSD and Veteran Suicide, you can donate to the link below:

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