Somewhere in the Wareham area, a heartbroken child is missing their stuffed animal.

Alexis Wybranic, a local swim instructor at the New Bedford YMCA, was doing some late-night shopping at the Wareham Crossing Walmart Supercenter Nov. 9 when she spotted an abandoned stuffed animal in one of the parking spaces. She took to Facebook and posted:

Attention all Wareham and surrounding area friends -- FOUND Stuffed Bunny!

"I found a small pink stuffed bunny with long ears outside of the Walmart Supercenter in Wareham," she said. "It looks overly used like my kid's stuffed animals when they wouldn't separate with them so I had to post in case the parents/grandparents are going crazy looking for it."

Wybranic turned in the pink bunny but decided to take matters into her own hands by contacting Fun 107 and sister station WBSM for a much wider reach. She returned to customer service where she originally left it and found that another stuffed animal had also been turned in that same night.

These two adorable and rather worn stuffed animals are now safe and sound at the radio station in hopes that someone out there will recognize the missing toys. If anyone knows whose bunny or teddy bear these are, contact so we can return them to their rightful owner(s).

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