I have no shame in my game. I'll admit it, straight up: I purchase gas station flowers for women.

Before you judge me, hear me out. There's a good reason why I buy them from a Cumberland Farms or a Mobil rather than a florist or a greenhouse.

It's not that I don't support small businesses, because I absolutely do. I still buy flowers from local nurseries, just not the ones you would put in a bouquet or a vase. When it comes to my garden or porch flower boxes, I spend my money at Klein Greenhouse in New Bedford or Rapoza's in Westport. I'm speaking specifically about the flowers you would receive on a first date, or as a git from your significant other.

Here are my reasons:

  1. Flowers are overrated.
  2. Flowers are expensive.
  3. Flowers die quickly.

Every time throughout my life when I've purchased expensive roses or sent bouquets or baskets to people who I cared about, it not only put a hole in my wallet, but the flowers only lasted a few days.

Flowers shouldn't represent love, nor should they represent anyone in particular.

When you give someone flowers, it shouldn't be to impress them. Instead, flowers should be gifted "just because." Whether it's a weekday or the end of the month or just a random time, if you're giving somebody flowers, give them simply "just because."

Whether I'm paying $79.99 at 1-800-FLOWERS or $7.99 at a Shell gas station, the fact that your loved one is receiving flowers on a day that's not Valentine's Day, their birthday or any other cliché holiday will leave a much bigger impact.

Don't buy someone flowers because you're in trouble, buy them flowers because you care.

I'm here to tell you this one bit of advice when it comes to relationships: if your significant other doesn't mind where the flowers come from or how much you spent on them, then they are an absolute keeper.

Love shouldn't be materialistic, so why waste money on something that's the same no matter what the price?.

The next time you want to buy somebody flowers, make sure they are purchased for the right reason. Get yourself some gas station flowers "just because" you were on your way home or perhaps to brighten up a day that wasn't the greatest.

Do it because you care, not just because you can.

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