All Isaiah wanted was a tribute video, well here it is, just not from Boston.

After all the complaining, the tribute video doesn't even matter now. Isaiah Thomas made a huge fuss about when he would get his tribute video from the Celtics. He wanted it on the same night that Paul Pierce was getting his number retired which started a whole controversy. Well, now that Isaiah was traded from Cleveland today, he won't even be at the game Sunday.

Yea, Cleveland sent IT packing. He's on his way to the Lakers. That puts an end to any idea that there might be a tribute for him coming on Sunday. IT was criticized and mocked for trying to dictate the whole tribute video situation so it's only right that it continues after he gets traded again. Check out the video that Sports Illustrated posted today on Twitter for "Cavaliers Legend, Isaiah Thomas."

Honestly, I can't stop laughing. I love Isaiah. I really do. I just think it's insane that right before he was to play against his former team with all this controversy and mess over tribute videos he gets moved again. I'm sure he's regretting all that talk about the Brinks truck now...


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