It's Middle Child Day! And as a middle child myself, of course I have to celebrate! (Anything to get a little attention, right middle kids!) So as we celebrate the middle children out there, let me also point out what makes them so special.

Numerous studies have shown that parents don't parent the same with each of their children. And where you land in your family's birth order will affect your personality in many ways.

So with it being Middle Child's Day here are some of traits typical to us middle kids!

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    Middle kids are known to dislike conflict. Confrontation is not really their thing and keeping the peace among their other siblings can be very important. And in order to keep this peace, middle children tend to be more cooperative, flexible and understanding. That doesn't mean they aren't competitive however, so don't try to walk all over the middle kid just cause they're being nice to you!

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    Problem Child

    Parents, even though these understanding little bundles of joy want to avoid conflict, it doesn't mean they always avoid trouble. Middle children are known to get the least amount of attention from parents, which can result in a period of pushing boundaries in an attempt to get noticed. Middle kids typically have lower self-esteem as well, so know that when they act up, they're usually just trying to get some time with you.

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    Middle kids may be a little shy, but inside they've got big ideas! Middles tend to be more focused on principles and concepts (like justice) and are motivated by social causes. They are also great innovators and team leaders and are more likely to affect change than any other birth order.

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    Great Negotiators

    Hand-in-hand with their drive is the middle child's ability to work a situation to their advantage. Middles are great at seeing all sides to an issue and then judging others reactions to it. They are also more willing to compromise and are pretty patient, so they can usually argue successfully - getting the best result for themselves.

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    Middle kids are known to be ignored by their parents, but for the most part they use this to their benefit. Most middle kids grow up to be more independent, more able to think outside the box and less likely to feel pressure to conform. They get a lot of time to themselves, so they end up really knowing themselves and what they are capable of. This independence makes them not only great employees, but great romantic partners. Studies have shown that middles are the happiest and most satisfied in relationships, and that they partner well with firsts or lasts.