We have been having some great sunny days here on the SouthCoast and it got me thinking about sunglasses: expensive or cheap?

We all wish we had money like the Kardashians; however, we don't. So buying things like sunglasses that aren't really a "need" generally isn't a thought.

I usually try to justify buying nice sunglasses by thinking, hey, I need to protect my eyes – when really I just have a thing for sunglasses.

Now I have gone and spent a little more than I would like to admit on sunglasses a handful of times in my lifetime. Have I had buyer's remorse? Every single time.

It's even worse when you break them or lose them within the first few months, and because SouthCoast weather is so unpredictable, you only got to wear them a handful of times.

So yes, I still want sunglasses but really look for the cheap ones that are knockoff look-alikes of the fancy ones. We don't feel as bad losing $20 sunglasses and well we still look good.

While I still stop into every Sunglass Hut I happen to walk by – just to torment myself on what I can't buy – I still think that sunglasses are a necessity, especially since we are going to be having a lot more beautiful sunny days ahead.

What is your go-to as far as sunglasses? Do you spend a little extra? Or do you absolutely love your cheap ones since they seem to last longer?

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