Tim Fain is the renowned violinist perhaps best known for his performances with the world famous Philip Glass and for his Grammy-nominated hit movie soundtrack for Black Swan.

If you saw Richard Geer in the Fox Searchlight movie, Bee Season, Tim Fain was the ghost player. Staying with great films for the moment, he also performed and co-arranged the onscreen music in Twelve Years A Slave.

When asked, Fain truly enjoys touring the world with American composer/pianist Philip Glass in duo recital performances. He will be in Providence on Wednesday, Feb. 25 at Veterans Memorial Auditorium.

I caught up with Tim between practice sessions! Our discussion touched upon everything from what he wants the audience to feel, to performing the music bed for the very successful Kahn Academy, known around the nation as one of the top teaching schools for kids, who can learn anything!

Enjoy our chat and try and catch the show at the VETS in Providence this Wednesday. You more information, or to get tickets, visit FirstWorks online.