Hugs are one of the simplest gestures that many of us took for granted before the pandemic, but I find myself missing them more and more.

What made me want to write about this, you ask? The other day I was in the Fun 107 studio and got a call from a teacher in Acushnet who got to see one of her students out in public. The student wanted to run up to her and give her a hug, and she had to tell her student the couldn't.

It was heartbreaking for me to hear that. Something so simple actually meant so much to that child. Then I started thinking about how it's affected my life and how there was always one person here at the Fun 107 studio that, even if I was in a bad mood or had a rough day, their hug would absolutely turn my day around.

Many consider him the real mayor of the SouthCoast. I have only met one or two people that have the genuine heart that we get to on display every day with our very own Phil Paleologos, who you may know from WBSM.

If you have had the chance to meet Phil, you know he instantly gives you this warm feeling of calm. Then he gives you a hug and it's like the weight of the world came completely off your shoulders.

When I finally got to see him again, we only did a half-hug just to be safe, but man, did it do the trick.

Outside of your family, is their someone you absolutely miss hugging? Who gives the best hugs?

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