There’s a routine that takes place every morning at Townsquare New Bedford. It happens much too early for most to see. The Fun 107 morning show is up and running. Maddie is busily preparing for her entertainment update. Gazelle is editing the weather audio for air. I’m mapping out the final plans for the flow of the morning show.

It’s 6 in the morning in New Bedford, and Phil Paleologos walks in with his briefcase in hand.

The Legend is in the house.

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It doesn’t matter whether it’s cloudy and rainy, a blizzard, or a mid-summer heat wave, Phil’s smile lights up the studio with his big, heartfelt “GOOD MORNING!” We exchange our quick takes on the day’s headlines and Phil heads off to the WBSM studio down the hall, but not before he warmly wishes the three of us to “have a great show.”

He shares that same enthusiasm for the day ahead with his audience, setting the stage for a positive, productive day all across the SouthCoast.

Phil Paleologos has been in broadcasting for more than 50 years, most of those years on morning radio, and many years feeding the people of New Bedford next to his bride, Celeste, at their Shawmut Diner.

As much as Phil has to offer our community, at some point, a man deserves to sleep in without worrying about pancakes or interviews. That time has come for Phil.

The Morning Mayor has decided to make this Friday his last day on the WBSM morning show. Phil and I talked about the appropriate amount of time for this important announcement to his loyal fans. He kept coming back to three days, worried that anything more might drag on too long.

Ever the showman. As PT Barnum said, “Always leave them wanting more.”

Thankfully, Phil’s WBSM story doesn’t end on Friday. He has agreed to “Phil” in during vacations, and I’m trying to talk him into taking on a regular weekend shift.  All in time.

However he chooses to contribute, Phil will be operating under a new title: Morning Mayor Emeritus.

After everything he has given to the WBSM audience and staff,  and the respect he has earned from everyone in the building and beyond our walls, this title of distinction is one that is beyond well-deserved.

All of us at WBSM wish Phil the best as he finally gets to sleep past 4 in the morning.

Thank you, Phil, for everything you have taught us, and for all the radio hugs.

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