This may be random but I received a candle from Phil Paleologos over at our sister station WBSM. It was a scented candle simply called "The Essence of Phil." Yes, I was thrilled to know what that smells like, just as anyone would.

It got me thinking, though: if I had a scented candle, what would I want it to smell like and what would I call it?

Candles are awesome gifts but there's nothing like personalizing it to make it a little more fun, and it's definitely a conversation piece that gets people laughing and talking.

I guess I would make a candle scent that would include all of my favorite things. Would it smell like a cologne? Nah, that's boring. Maybe I should find an existing scent that I think really brings out my personality? New car smell, perhaps?

I guess a little road trip to Yankee Candle is in order. Now to think of a name. I feel like my candle scent should be exciting and really fill the air with a vibrant fragrance. Maybe I'll stick to my go-to, "Action Jackson." This embodies who I am and may match the scent perfectly.  Maybe it's a scent that helps set the mood for some action?

Now my creative juices are flowing; maybe I can start a little side business with the "Action Jackson" scent.

What would your candle name be? I'm intrigued to see what you all come up with. I'll let you know when my candle scent is available and where you can get it (that's sarcasm).

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