Tiffany Gambill has a progressive neuromuscular disease called Friedriech’s Ataxia. It affects every muscle in her body slowly shutting them down, including her heart. She was diagnosed during her freshman year at Coyle-Cassidy High School and is in a wheelchair full time. The fact is, Tiffany Gambill hasn't been able to walk since college, but that didn't stop her from the dream of completing a grueling 4.6 mile Spartan Race.

Remarkably, Tiffany was given the chance to earn a Spartan medal thanks to the help of her Crossfit coach. Sonia Caldas and Tiffany hatched the plan to compete in the race for the better part of a year, but didn't spring the news on Tiffany's mother until about 12 days before the event. Then, came the unexpected. Sonia's baby was born well before her due date (mother and baby are doing fine), and wouldn't be able to compete. Even that didn't stop this determinted duo.

They convinced five big hearted Crossfit Bridgewater athletes to help make this happen.  CFB Owner Jason Caldas says, "it was one of the most difficult and rewarding challenges I have ever been a part of!"  Caldas says that before the race started, he really wasn't sure how they would complete it...but he knew that somehow they would get it done.  Caldas was right.  Jay, along with Arvin McGowan, Haley Chakalos, Bill McSweeny, and Carrissa Ayoub helped Tiffany cross the finish line in just over 5 hours.

Tiffany's mother, who took pictures, recorded video, and helped carry the equipment along the way marveled at the team's accomplishment. "The team dragged, pushed, lifted, waded through waters and ankle deep mud, handed Tiff over rocks, and through 13 obstacles...even jumping over a fire pit to complete the race."

It is believed Tiffany is the first person with her condition to complete the Spartan Race.

Jason Caldas Facebook
Jason Caldas Facebook

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